Dream Journal:

Spiritual Insights in the Night

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your dreams hold significance

Have you ever had a dream that upon waking, you couldn’t shake the feeling that it had a deeper meaning? Yeah, me too.

I’m convinced that our dream life is probably one of the most mysterious and under utilized aspects of our inner self. By tuning in and taking note, we can understand more about ourselves, our purpose and calling, and God’s wisdom for our lives.

If you’re interested in finding the hidden messages within your dreams, and growing your dream life, then this journal is for you!

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Specially designed to record dreams and interpret their meanings, this journal contains everything you need in one place. Written from a christian perspective, the prayers, scriptures, and interpretation tools within its pages will help you discern the spiritual messages behind them, and draw closer to the heart of the Father.


Your dream journal includes:

  • 200 lined pages for recording

  • Carefully written prayers + scripture

  • Original painted artwork

  • Tips for cultivating and growing your dream life

  • 12 common dreams and their meanings

  • A dream theme worksheet to uncover big picture messages

  • Quick reference symbol dictionary that will start you on your way to understanding your unique dream language,

  • Painted bookmark to keep your place


Reserve your copy in advance for only $20! Use discount code 36DREAMERS at checkout for this special pre-order price. Limited to 36 copies.

Dream Journals will be shipping out early November 2019. (Just in time for the holidays)



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