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Horizon Collection

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the beauty in life. Too often we are surrounded by stress, hardship, and negativity that pulls our spirit down. I created this series as a call to look up and be renewed with the hope that good things are always on the horizon. xo


Horizon 01- Evening Oasis

Golden light filters through clouds over the water at dusk.  Touches of metallic gold create a warm ambiance.

6x6” original painting on canvas with metallic accents.


Horizon 02- Tranquility

Whispy peach clouds fade into deep purple as dusk ushers in a quiet tranquility over the land. 

6x6” original painting on canvas.


Horizon 03- Sunset Fire

Fiery orange and yellow hues contrast the deep blues of the mountains, while the turquoise sky deepens to night.

8x8” original painting on canvas with gold leaf accents.