About Makayla

Have you ever felt that there is a voice inside of you longing to tell stories?  One that wants to sing of the beauty all around, but whisper about the pain?  Speak of complexities, yet highlight the simple?  That voice has always been expressed through art for me.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has given me a unique opportunity to be inspired by some of the most rugged, breathtaking landscapes and the strong, creative people who live here. 

I gravitate towards the abstract and expressionistic because it allows the viewer to find their own beauty, wonder, and discovery in each piece.  And I love that the feedback I get about what people see in my work is rarely the same!  I’m constantly exploring, learning, and stretching the limits of what I can do in order to give that voice a platform to speak.  I’m honored you’ve taken a moment to listen.

 If you’re ever in the Northwest, you'll likely find me hanging out with my husband and two kids along the water or a trail somewhere, seeking sunshine and a moment of inspiration.


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